The Homecoming

I’m working on wrapping up some work stuff going on, working on finding a viable animal sitter for the many-o-beast I have here…and so on…so I can get home. Even if it is for a short visit (there has been a LOT going on work wise in the last two months)…I need to get home.… More The Homecoming

Late Night Dribble

So I can’t sleep. I really just want to be happy and in bed with him…and get fucked or feel him holding me down and beating the ever loving shit out of me, then shoving his cock into my ass like he hates me. ca ching.

Doing it His Way.

So, I made a post about having my nipples re-pierced. In the past, OD has said that if the piercing was already there, then I could just go do it over. New piercings I’d need permission for. Then I said this: “I’m about to get mine done again (took them out for a mammogram). I’m seriously thinking… More Doing it His Way.

Sometimes I Think…

I do fight the machine. Sometimes the machine needs grease. I think it would likely be good for me to have some pretty heavy physical reminders as to where I’m happiest. I’ve always said maintenance beatings do a servant justice, and it’s likely that I need more of them.  A lot more. Sometimes I think… More Sometimes I Think…

Ice and Life.

So I’m at the grocery store. There are about 10 people in front of me, one cashier and today is  his first day. So here I wait, and I’m going to write. Something short and sweet. Tonight the Boss bellowed for something to drink. So I put ice in the cup, followed that with soda… More Ice and Life.