The New Rule

It’s Saturday!!!! I’m home and all of the animals are fed and I’m going to chill out..I’m tired..way tired. I worked for a short bit today, went to the grocery store, then the feed store. Came back, unloaded 15/50lb bags of feed…blah, my lower back is screaming. I made myself a turkey sandwich for dinner…sounds … More The New Rule

The Things I do…

I’ve been stretching my ass out a good bit…a good painful bit..haha. I’m only required to have something in my ass when I orgasm, but I’m going home soon…so..prudent, yeah. That XL njoy is heavy and oh btw, huge…and I have several other ass stretching kinda things which I also use. When I was shoving … More The Things I do…

Our Romance

So I asked OD yesterday about brands. He sent back a text of something like: “Every time you feel romantic, you ask about brands.” Yes. That’s the truth. So I waited to see if he would bring it up or respond and he did when he left work. He wanted to make sure I understood … More Our Romance

Raising the Bar

I’d like to state that the combination of the Triangle piercing, a XL steel plug and movement make for a highly want to fuck gal.  Omg. That is all.   🙂

The Homecoming

I’m working on wrapping up some work stuff going on, working on finding a viable animal sitter for the many-o-beast I have here…and so on…so I can get home. Even if it is for a short visit (there has been a LOT going on work wise in the last two months)…I need to get home. … More The Homecoming

Late Night Dribble

So I can’t sleep. I really just want to be happy and in bed with him…and get fucked or feel him holding me down and beating the ever loving shit out of me, then shoving his cock into my ass like he hates me. ca ching.